Digital Cameras for Youth Design Studio!

HELLO friends & supporters!

After a little hiatus of going back to our day-to-day lives (while simultaneously working toward Youth Design Studio in our different cities and continents), the Youth Design Studio team is back in Cape Town!! We’ll be implementing Youth Design Studio with TWO different Cape Town high schools, as well as a youth group! And we need your help!

If you have an old digital camera lying around (come on, you updated to the latest & greatest tech at least once in the past couple years!), we would love to borrow it! Alternatively, if you’d like to donate it, your donation is tax deductible!  As part of Youth Design Studio, our students will be using photography to help focus on their community, their identity, and how they can change things for the better.  We are shooting for a camera for each of 20 students.  We have 5 cameras – that’s 15 to go!  Help us reach our goal by loaning or donating your used digital camera for the next 5 weeks!


If you’d like to help, email us at  If you’re in San Diego, one of our team members would be happy to come fetch your camera from you; if you’re somewhere else in the US, we’re happy to reimburse your shipping costs.

Thank you again, from our students and from us!!

Design LOVE,

Katie & Julie


PS Check this great video from Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 – we’re so proud to be a part of it!

August 5th, 2014 by imblog