Big News from Imagine More!


Here we are in Cape Town, working furiously toward making Youth Design Studio a reality!  Last night we pitched our project to the World Design Capital crowd, including potential investors and collaborators.  We’ve already had some wonderful feedback, including several people who want to volunteer to speak to the class.  We’re so excited that people want to be involved, and so awed at all the incredible, life-changing projects we saw last night!

More on that to come – our own pitch was a hilarious ton of fun, and we’ll tell you more about it when we can get some pictures and maybe a video up!  But in the meantime, our BIG news is that OUR THUNDAFUND CAMPAIGN IS LIVE!! If you’re not familiar with it, Thundafund is the South African version of Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for budding enterprises.

You can find our campaign here:  BONUS: the World Design Capital organizers will MATCH our funding when we reach our first milestone of 10,000 Rand! (for our American friends, this is just under $1000).  We would love you to get involved!! Feel free to email us at with any questions, comments, or just to say hi – we’d be so excited to hear from you!

Let’s make Youth Design Studio a reality, together!!


February 12th, 2014 by imblog