Youth Design Studio is LIVE!!

HELLO Everyone!!

The Youth Design Studio team (Julie Goodness and Katie Hawkes, specifically) have arrived in Cape Town and hit the ground running on our World Design Capital 2014 project!  We are thrilled to be back in the Rainbow Nation, and have done some frolicking through flowery fields in our non-teaching time to celebrate.


Even more excitingly, Youth Design Studio is LIVE!! We have begun teaching the class with two groups of high school learners: one at Muizenberg High School, and one at Ikamva Youth Makhaza.   Our students have been fabulous so far, and we’re excited to be starting our second week of classes with both groups!!


Our first week covered some basic design principles as well as our overall purpose with Youth Design Studio: to teach that design is something that everyone can access, that doesn’t require fancy equipment, expensive materials or extensive training.  It’s about using the skills you have, the materials around you, and your own intuition and experience to solve the problems around you.  We’ll be posting updates about our classes, activities, experiences, and day to day surprises as much as we can, so follow us on the Imagine More Blog!

Lastly, an amazingly GIANT THANK YOU to all the people who donated to our Thundafund campaign, loaned or donated cameras, or donated materials or time to make Youth Design Studio a reality!  From our students and ourselves, THANK YOU SO MUCH, we would never be here without YOU!!!

August 20th, 2014 by imblog